E6 Slide film processing - J&A Photography Studio
E6 Slide film processing - J&A Photography Studio
E6 Slide film processing - J&A Photography Studio
E6 Slide film processing - J&A Photography Studio
E6 Slide film processing - J&A Photography Studio

E6/Slide film Processing/Development


  • 庫存,準備出貨
  • 庫存在路上


  1. 產品可用性:

    • 我們的庫存包括各種可供購買的 35 毫米和 120 膠片以及膠片沖洗服務。

    • 我們努力保持庫存充足,但請注意,產品供應情況可能會有所不同。如果特定影片或服務暫時缺貨,我們將盡力及時通知您並提供替代選項(如果有)。

  2. 價錢:

    • 我們的電影和電影沖印服務的價格清楚地顯示在我們的網站上或根據要求提供。

    • 價格如有更改,恕不另行通知,但任何更改不會影響已下的訂單。

  3. 正在下單:

    • 可以透過我們的網站、電話或親自到我們的商店下訂單。

    • 請確保您在下訂單時提供準確完整的信息,包括所需的膠片類型、數量以及膠片沖洗的任何具體說明。

  4. 支付:

    • 下訂單時需要付款。

    • 我們接受各種付款方式,包括信用卡/金融卡、現金或其他形式的電子付款。請參閱我們接受的付款方式以了解更多詳情。

  5. 訂單處理和運輸:

    • 我們努力及時處理和履行訂單。

    • 如果訂購的商品有庫存,我們將盡快準備出貨或取貨。

    • 運費(如果適用)將在結帳過程中計算並添加到您的訂單總額中。

  6. 退貨和換貨:

    • 由於膠片和膠片沖洗服務的性質,我們不接受已打開的膠片或加工過的膠片卷的退貨或換貨,除非產品有缺陷或我們的錯誤。

    • 如果您的訂單遇到任何問題,請在收到訂單後 3 天內聯絡我們,我們將與您一起解決問題。

  7. 客戶滿意度:

    • 我們的目標是提供高品質的電影和可靠的電影開發服務。如果您對我們的產品或服務有任何疑慮或疑問,請隨時與我們聯絡。我們重視您的滿意,並將盡一切努力解決可能出現的任何問題。



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*If you are looking for more developing options (Push/Pull) please order from our website directly. 

Please double-check that we only process Fuji or Kodak transparency films, also we don't provide SLIDE MOUNT, your film will be cut and sleeved.

 Ordering is super easy:

1. Pick your film type and the other options you want.

2. Send your films to us using our FREEPOST label or any delivery company within the UK

3. Your developed E6 film scans will be shared to you in 4-6 weeks. And if you need your negatives back, we'll send them to you in just a few more days.

Don't forget to jot down your order number and name on a note with your films. 


  1. What are the resolutions for each film size (low, standard, high) for 35mm?
  • Low: 2728 × 1830 pixels
  • Medium: 4547 × 3047 pixels
  • High: 5444 x 3649 pixels
  1. What should I do if my film is blank?

If your C41 colour film turns out entirely black, it is a rare occurrence but may be due to your camera or an issue with the development chemicals. In such an unfortunate case, we will refund 50% of the price of your order to you. Unfortunately, there is no refund for Black and white & E6/slide film development.

  1. Do you offer pushing/pulling films?

We can only provide pull/push processing up to 2 stops for BLACK & WHITE and ECN-2 films ONLY, we will charge an extra £2 per stop, please make a note on your order if you need them to be pushed/pulled, we will then send you a payment for the extra cost.

Unfortunately, we do not offer pull/push process for all C41  processing.

  1. What if I select "Develop only"?

If you choose "develop only," your film will be developed without scanning or sharing through a drive. Once developed, the negatives will be sent back to you by cutting off 4 or 6 frames (35mm).

      5. What if my parcel gets lost?

While it's uncommon, if your parcels do get lost, we will issue a 50% refund of your entire payment.  However, because our free post label is Royal Mail 1st class with no tracking, if the items you are sending are valuable, we recommend purchasing a delivery service with a tracking number to ensure the parcel's safety.

      6. Where should I send the films?

Please send them to the following address:

J&A Photography Studio Unit 12,

The Forum, 127 Devonshire Street,


S3 7SB

NOTE: If you are handwriting our address remember to include our free post label code: 



7. What does “BMP” mean? 

BMP is an uncompressed image format used in software like Photoshop, suitable for color adjustments for professional photographers. However, it can't be opened in Lightroom for viewing or editing.

8. What is the “free post label”? 
Free post label is a Royal Mail 1st class label that can deliver your parcel to our studio without any charge, it normally takes 1-3 working days to arrive. 
However, please note that this label is 1st class without tracking, if you need other shipping methods to secure your films, you can always purchase alternative shipping services from post office. 

For further inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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